Working With Us

Working with a travel advisor is a new experience for many of our clients, and one of the questions we often receive is how does this process work?

We have broken our planning and booking process down below in a few easy steps. However please know, we work with each client in whatever style is best for them.

Some of our clients want us to help with every part of their trip from spa appointments to hotel bookings and everything in between, while others just want us to book hotels and enjoy doing everything else on their own.

We are here to personalize your travel experience and are happy to customize the process below to meet your specific preferences.




S T E P 1 : C O N T A C T U S

If you’re ready to get started, please complete the brief form on our Contact page to get started!

S T E P 2 : I N I T I A L C A L L

Once we receive your contact form we will reach out via email to get more details and schedule our initial call.

S T E P 3 : D E P O S I T

After our call if you would like to move forward with working together we require a $100 initial planning fee (once per client not per trip). For flights we charge a $50 per person per trip fee.

S T E P 4 : P L A N N I N G

Once we have all the most important details for your trip we will create an initial customized itinerary and quote. We will work with you to refine the itinerary until everything is perfect.


S T E P 5 : B O O K I N G

After we have fine-tuned the itinerary, we will book your full trip for you and send you all of the confirmations.

S T E P 6 : A L L T H E E X T R A ‘ S

After the main parts of the trip are booked we can help you book restaurant reservations, spa appointments and all of the fun extras! Once everything is finalized we will send you a final PDF and digital itinerary document.

S T E P 7 : S T A Y I N G I N T O U C H

We will check-in with you via email before, during and after your trip to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Ready to book your next trip?